Activity & Schedule

What's on today?

10:00 am*

Farm Opens

Welcome to Farm In The City. An eden of nature & animals
* (9.30am on weekends, school and public holidays)

10:15 am

Turaco Feeding at Aviary

10:30 am

Pelican Feeding at Pelican Enclosure

10:45 pm

Lemur Feeding at Jungle Walk

11:00 am

Otter Feeding at Exhibition

11:15 am

Animal Meet & Greet

2:15 pm

Porcupine Feeding @ Jungle Walk

Jungle Walk

2:30 pm

Meerkat Feeding at Twilight Creatures

2:45 pm

Lorikeet Feeding @ Aviary

3:00 pm

Parrot Show at Kampung Mahmood

4:15 pm

Animal Meet & Greet


Farm Close

Good Bye & See you again!


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