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🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

Step into a captivating world where the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes. Join us at Farm in the City, where we invite you to experience the true beauty of nature without leaving the city.
Discover why our petting zoo is the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts of all ages:

Get up close and personal with our delightful animals as you embark on an immersive interaction experience.

Expand your knowledge of the animal kingdom with our engaging and educational programs.

We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of animal species. By visiting Farm in the City, you actively contribute to our conservation efforts.

Prepare for a calendar full of excitement and unique events! Farm in the City offers a myriad of special experiences that will leave you enchanted and wanting more.

A Natural Oasis in the Urban Jungle: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you step into our serene oasis.

Embark on a remarkable journey where nature and the city intertwine seamlessly. Visit Farm in the City today and experience the captivating beauty that lies right at the heart of our bustling metropolis.🐾🌿

Come meet our friendly creatures from around the world

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🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

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Animals of the Park



Closed on every Tuesday, excluding Public holiday & school holiday.

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Farm In The City
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Fizul NoarhFizul Noarh
03:08 21 Sep 23
Fu chunFu chun
11:55 19 Sep 23
Fafalife journeyFafalife journey
08:05 19 Sep 23
Kids really enjoy their trip. Worth it. 10/10 kids cab touch n feed the animal
ikhsan muradikhsan murad
01:49 19 Sep 23
GuoXiong ChiamGuoXiong Chiam
06:43 18 Sep 23
Great place to spend time with family and kids. Good varieties of animals for the kids to explore and learn. Free roaming animals with plenty of opportunity for kids to interact and feel on different animals.
aizat parnoaizat parno
02:20 18 Sep 23
Chee Kong CheangChee Kong Cheang
15:14 17 Sep 23
Went on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd but it was still fairly packed. The petting zoo is not that big but overall, it was a pleasant experience and will definitely revisit.
Jack WongJack Wong
13:06 17 Sep 23
Rahayu MatRahayu Mat
08:27 17 Sep 23
11:59 26 Aug 23
Natrah SaidNatrah Said
07:57 23 Aug 23
Quite interesting for those who want to introduce farm animals to children. The place is not too big, not too small, just nice to relax and see the farm animals
Skandanatha SwamiSkandanatha Swami
00:41 23 Aug 23
Was good experience. Son enjoyed.
Fatimah azZahraFatimah azZahra
15:18 22 Aug 23
the most fun experience regardless of adults or on9 tickets that are not on the website are cheaper than buying on the website & walk in.worth the price. besides animals, there are also plants.recommended!
jae lahjae lah
08:51 20 Aug 23
Thevin VinThevin Vin
07:56 20 Aug 23
Amirul MukminAmirul Mukmin
05:11 20 Aug 23
nurhafizah muhd zakrinurhafizah muhd zakri
09:41 19 Aug 23
Christina LeeChristina Lee
07:32 19 Aug 23
This place is a bang for your buck because we took our time exploring the place since they had a couple of animal sanctuaries and the caretakers were really helpful as some of them explained some unique animal they had. We got to hold some of them and it was such an enjoyable experience to my friend and I. I would definitely recommend to friends and families to spend their entire day here.
Chowchow ChowchowChowchow Chowchow
15:57 18 Aug 23
good experience
Tasnin SultanaTasnin Sultana
13:13 18 Aug 23
anke srhanke srh
11:09 18 Aug 23
Grace SoonGrace Soon
04:08 16 Aug 23
Good place to bring along family. Plenty of small animals and reptiles here. You can touch or see the animal closely. But the ticket is slightly expensive. There is no crowd when I visit, so i can slowly see all animals. Overall is good.
hidayah azharhidayah azhar
14:07 14 Aug 23
not bad. Suitable for bringing small children but a little expensive
Saycar JuneSaycar June
12:13 14 Aug 23
Min Jie OngMin Jie Ong
05:32 14 Aug 23
Animals are well balanced for exotic and tamed species. Many opportunity for petting and feeding the animals. Even manage to pet a ring-tailed lemur.Most importantly the staffs were paying close attention to the interaction between visitors and animals. Staffs generally friendly and doing good job in entertaining the children.Park environment and enclosures properly maintained, but toilet cleanliness should improve.Overall both the adults and kids love the experience in Farm in the City. Please keep expanding the attractions in the farm. Will definitely come again.
Galeri LangitGaleri Langit
05:00 14 Aug 23
Boleh pet most of the animals
Amirah NabilahAmirah Nabilah
23:49 13 Aug 23
It is a wonderful place to bring your kids. However, it was quite difficult for us to push the stroller around here due to the uneven pavement. Plus the toilet here is not kids friendly. Given that this place is full of kids, maybe FIC could consider to upgrade their toilet to a more spacious and dry space; also with a changing room for infants
Sam VernsSam Verns
03:33 25 Jul 23
This place is much better than zoo. You can feed the animals. Very huge place. The birds and animal stroll freely inside here. So kids must be careful. Overall it's a good experience and definitely recommended. You get goodie bag with the ticket purchase.
Vaughn HeartVaughn Heart
06:30 19 Jul 23
Remember to book your tickets in advance so you don't have to queue up!!Great place for kids and animal lovers. Went there to see the alpacas but was pleasantly surprised by the other animals that you can see, play with and interact with. The alpacas would probably be chilling with an air cooler though, so if you're there just for them, you can't touch them. lol.Sometimes the animal keepers will let some of the animals out. There's a parrot that knows how to treat photo ops and will pose and spread its wings for you.Fun.
Kim DavieKim Davie
09:03 05 Jul 23
Great family day out. No queues and really quiet. Very interactive. Not a huge place either so not too tiring for younger kids walking. We were there for about 2 hours and that included a stop for lunch/drink. Staff are great . Was such a great day. And better than a zoo!. For context we are from Australia and the animals were a good selection, not just farm animals but not large animals either except the a cow and buffalo but a good selection of different types of animals
Life As It IsLife As It Is
00:33 21 Jun 23
I absolutely love this place. It was my second visit. Employees there are polite, helpful and always aware of surroundings. The enclosure areas are very clean. Interaction with animals are the best. Good place for kids and animal lovers but please monitor your toddlers because kids in general get very excited and might behave such a way for an animal to get hyper. I witnessed something like that but the mum & employee was super quick, if not the kid would have gotten packed by a chicken 😅
Afiqah SakinahAfiqah Sakinah
14:21 27 May 23
Had a great time with our 5 months old baby! We went there on a weekend but the crowd is manageable. Ticket price is rm39 for adults. For me it’s worth the price with the experience, it’s good for kids’ sensory development. You can touch almost every animals here and you can feed a lot of animals too! The place is well maintained and animals look healthy and well fed. Staffs are very helpful and friendly. Will come back again when our LO can run around the place. 🥰🥰
Awesome place to visit, the animals looking so healthy and well, implying that they've been taken care seriously. But it's quite hot compared to other animal parks. Maybe just the weather. Love the experience 🥰
Kaven Raj ManoharanKaven Raj Manoharan
12:54 08 Feb 22
A very wonderful experience able to pet and also play around with the adorable animals there. The staff are super friendly. The place has restaurants for you to dine and also toilets. Highly recommend for dating and also to bring along your kids

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