An eden of animals and nature

Unique Experience @ Farm In The City

🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

Step into a captivating world where the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes. Join us at Farm in the City, where we invite you to experience the true beauty of nature without leaving the city.
Discover why our petting zoo is the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts of all ages:

Get up close and personal with our delightful animals as you embark on an immersive interaction experience.

Expand your knowledge of the animal kingdom with our engaging and educational programs.

We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of animal species. By visiting Farm in the City, you actively contribute to our conservation efforts.

Prepare for a calendar full of excitement and unique events! Farm in the City offers a myriad of special experiences that will leave you enchanted and wanting more.

A Natural Oasis in the Urban Jungle: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you step into our serene oasis.

Embark on a remarkable journey where nature and the city intertwine seamlessly. Visit Farm in the City today and experience the captivating beauty that lies right at the heart of our bustling metropolis.🐾🌿

Come meet our friendly creatures from around the world

South America

North America



🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

Map of the Park
Animals of the Park



Closed on every Tuesday, excluding Public holiday & school holiday.

Adventure With Us

Farm In The City
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Schasha ZSchasha Z
06:53 01 Mar 24
The place is very well kept. Staffs were friendly. Animals were not at all wild. Will definitely revisit!
man manutdman manutd
05:59 01 Mar 24
lavanian kannanlavanian kannan
11:55 29 Feb 24
Scarecrow AdamsScarecrow Adams
09:38 29 Feb 24
The best! Suitable for children to explore and to feed animals.
Khoo RachelKhoo Rachel
09:30 29 Feb 24
I had a fascinating visit to the city farm! The variety of animals was impressive, and the staff's friendliness and helpful explanations added so much to the experience. 👍The children like it so much and we will go again. ☺️Highly recommend it!👍👍👍
pompy junuspompy junus
10:09 28 Feb 24
Love all the rangers who give excellent caring to the animals and there are also many wash basin throughout the area to wash hands.Note to imrove : Please make the animal food a bit cheaper for feeding 🤣
Maliki panda pandaMaliki panda panda
08:33 26 Feb 24
hellrider hellhellrider hell
08:52 25 Feb 24
It was nice experience with the animals... Happy to see the way kids enjoy...
05:08 25 Feb 24
The place is a little small, but there are many species
Paul FungPaul Fung
05:08 25 Feb 24
Well maintained, bur ticket price increased.
Samer FfSamer Ff
13:21 23 Feb 24
joey kho88joey kho88
11:58 23 Feb 24
We had a great experience on the farm.It is nice for families to bring their kids or a couple to experience and spend time together.Kids for sure will like to pat and spend time with animals.You should pay a visit here to experience a mini zoo tour.I visited on weekdays, I suggest that you can buy tickets in advance if you visit on weekends or public holidays.
Super SoDaSuper SoDa
07:12 23 Feb 24
Mcam sial org jaga parking,ak nk parking tiba ii dia cakap parking staff farm in the city,pastu ak nk parking mna, parking luar ka.
alliya nazrialliya nazri
05:12 23 Feb 24
Jeneesh RajendranJeneesh Rajendran
15:12 22 Feb 24
The farm is absolutely stunning, and the staff are incredibly helpful. It's a perfect getaway for people of all ages!
Hao YangHao Yang
05:20 22 Feb 24
very nice
You Jun LimYou Jun Lim
09:52 21 Feb 24
Exciting to see the animals closely
Juheng OngJuheng Ong
08:49 21 Feb 24
So beautiful, I feel comfortable looking at itEconomical and beautiful
Fina InaFina Ina
00:48 18 Feb 24
William LimWilliam Lim
13:36 17 Feb 24

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