An eden of animals and nature

Unique Experience @ Farm In The City

🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

Step into a captivating world where the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes. Join us at Farm in the City, where we invite you to experience the true beauty of nature without leaving the city.
Discover why our petting zoo is the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts of all ages:

Get up close and personal with our delightful animals as you embark on an immersive interaction experience.

Expand your knowledge of the animal kingdom with our engaging and educational programs.

We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of animal species. By visiting Farm in the City, you actively contribute to our conservation efforts.

Prepare for a calendar full of excitement and unique events! Farm in the City offers a myriad of special experiences that will leave you enchanted and wanting more.

A Natural Oasis in the Urban Jungle: Escape the hustle and bustle of city life as you step into our serene oasis.

Embark on a remarkable journey where nature and the city intertwine seamlessly. Visit Farm in the City today and experience the captivating beauty that lies right at the heart of our bustling metropolis.🐾🌿

Come meet our friendly creatures from around the world

South America

North America



🌿 Immerse Yourself in Nature's Splendor, Right in the Heart of the City! 🌿

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Animals of the Park



Closed on every Tuesday, excluding Public holiday & school holiday.

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Farm In The City
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You can touch almost any animal, they don’t charge you for money after entering. Top place for leisure
john stewartjohn stewart
16:07 02 Dec 23
Ok. Good for kids spending times. Nothing much to animals..few exotic birds, tortoise,cow,deer,Ilana. Wallabies.ticketvquiet pricey.
12:52 02 Dec 23
12:11 02 Dec 23
Great time spent on this farm. You can pet and feed the animals. We see that the staff love their work and take good care of the animals.
sunil kumarsunil kumar
02:58 02 Dec 23
It is meant for children less than 8 years only. parents having older children can avoid
mok fui lenmok fui len
13:11 01 Dec 23
bakthi akmeemanabakthi akmeemana
06:23 01 Dec 23
10:21 28 Nov 23
Great park where you can interact with cute and funny animals, by feeding!Animals are very well taken cared off and the caregivers seems to really enjoy their job ! All smiling and happy to tell us about animals and how to enjoy our time with them !Thanks a lot!!
Umi HabibaUmi Habiba
22:59 27 Nov 23
yongfoo chauyongfoo chau
09:47 27 Nov 23
Nice place to bring kids escapee from the busy city. However the pack of food like over price.
kamil hadikamil hadi
23:50 26 Nov 23
Small but nice. Got a lot of rare animal and we can touch a lot of animal too
Jenson SeahJenson Seah
14:02 26 Nov 23
My Friday visit to Farm in the City in KL left me feeling pleasantly surprised and heartened by the experience. Interacting with a variety of farm animals was delightful, and what stood out the most was the genuine care provided by the caretakers.The sincere dedication and attention given to the animals by the caretakers truly made the visit memorable. Their commitment to the well-being of the animals was evident, creating an above-average experience for visitors.Overall, it was an enriching and heartwarming visit, allowing me to interact with the animals in a way that highlighted the genuine care and dedication of the caretakers at Farm in the City. Highly recommended for a heartening animal interaction experience."
Ben NohBen Noh
07:12 26 Nov 23
Hema LathaHema Latha
10:36 25 Nov 23
fakrul ismailfakrul ismail
10:31 25 Nov 23
One of the best places to go to see animals. The The best part is most of them can be Touch! Their staff have trained those animals very well. Plus, Clean..!I'm a bit surprised cuz the zoo is in the City. Parking tepi jalan je sbb didalam kawasan limited & sentiasa penuh.
Sharmaine ChenSharmaine Chen
15:54 24 Nov 23
Great place for animal petting experience!
Jasper LimJasper Lim
15:17 24 Nov 23
A great place in the city that can spend time with kids. Staff are friendly too.
Fix MobileFix Mobile
10:08 24 Nov 23
it's okay
Nelly MbotelaNelly Mbotela
07:19 24 Nov 23
I loved this place. So many animals and the guides are incredibly friendly.
Peter NgPeter Ng
06:32 24 Nov 23
Need to improve more on the cleanliness esp on the ground. Aminals should be able to move around freely rather than in a confined space. Feeding food too expensive. Should consider to redesign the whole place with more natural enclosure to nature to reduce the stress from these cage animals. Overall at present quite good. Can still improve more. Perhaps can get some ideas from Sg night zoo or Steve Irwin Australia Zoo. Look forward to better place..cheers🙏😀👍
Alan WongAlan Wong
01:29 23 Nov 23
oklah...fairly sized a lot of cute animals..
Teng LawrenceTeng Lawrence
08:12 22 Nov 23
Danial IqmalDanial Iqmal
05:03 22 Nov 23
Dinesh KumarDinesh Kumar
21:51 21 Nov 23
Nbhh AzhrNbhh Azhr
10:59 21 Nov 23
Good place to bring you children. Can feed the animals inside the farm. But, better to booked the ticket online before coming.
Sofiah ShamenSofiah Shamen
01:01 21 Nov 23
Lucas WKLucas WK
12:23 20 Nov 23
Ikram KarimIkram Karim
07:01 20 Nov 23
Alwin LaiAlwin Lai
09:22 19 Nov 23

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